What’s in a Name?

The name Symmtrex was created to represent the pairing of symmetry and precision with the strength, quickness, and agility of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Symmtrex symbol contains the eye of a T-Rex within an “S” shape that symbolizes our manufacturing process which transforms rolls of light gauge steel into a series of structural framing components. It reflects a smooth, balanced rolling motion consistent with the precision and rhythm of our advanced fabrication machines.


The Tyrannosaurus rex is the most popular dinosaur in modern culture. It roamed the ancient forests of Earth for 2.4 million years ranging from what is now Alberta Canada to our homelands in Texas. T-Rex is generally considered the most formidable fighting animal to ever occupy the planet. The species met its demise about 65 million years ago when an asteroid collided with Earth bringing the end to all dinosaurs and many other animal and plant groups.
Genus: Large Theropod Dinosaur
Species: Tyrannosaurus rex
Height: 15 – 20 ft.
Length: 40 ft.
Weight: Up to 9 tons
Speed: 15 – 18 mph

Illustration: stevegoadart.com