Frequently Asked Questions

Does Symmtrex manufacture the studs it supplies?
All our studs are fabricated at the Symmtrex Multi-Trades Building Center in Bonham, TX. Larger, non-standard, or specialty steel products are supplied via one of our vendors.

What size studs does Symmtrex offer?
6″ & 3 5/8″ in 16 Ga., 18 Ga. & 20 Ga.

Are Symmtrex studs structural?
Symmtrex studs are loadbearing (size 20 Ga. and thicker); they are engineered to resist environmental loads (dead, live, wind, snow, or earthquake).

Does Symmtrex assemble offsite; do you ship assembled panels?
Symmtrex fabricates wall panels and trusses offsite in our Multi-Trades Building Center; we ship pods, panels, trusses, window/door openings, and other components to the construction site ready for final assembly and installation.

Does Symmtrex ship wall panels with sheathing?
We can ship sheathed panels (zip board); but not fully enclosed for jurisdiction/inspector.

Does Symmtrex ship fully insulated panels?
We can ship insulated panels partially enclosed and ready for inspection.

How many floors can Symmtrex build using light gauge steel only?
Up to six stories using cold formed steel. There is no limit to height when integrating with our building strategies. We we also can supply non-load bearing walls/fill up panels for taller buildings.

Does Symmtrex supply trusses?
Symmtrex is a Certified Truss Fabricator; we produce both floor and roof trusses.

Does Symmtrex pre-punch holes/channels for electrical wiring; and, can Symmtrex panels be prewired?
Service holes on all vertical studs and panels are precisely and evenly machine punched; all Symmtrex panels can be pre-wired for simple connection onsite.

What happens when a Symmtrex panel is damaged onsite?
Most damage can be repaired on-site with common hand tools. If needed, an identical panel is pulled from the supply shipped to the site; or, a replacement panel or part is ordered and shipped quickly from our inventory at the Building Center.