About Us

Symmtrex is a privately held business based in Dallas, TX that manufactures  prefabricated framing components made of highly recyclable cold rolled light gauge steel.

The Symmtrex Framing System was born of the opportunity to evolve the construction industry, and better serve real estate developers in North Texas, by introducing an alternative approach to building residential and commercial spaces, especially in rapidly developing exurban areas.

Symmtrex uses advanced BIM design, and automated manufacturing technology, to produce a compact library of light gauge steel structural components in its Multi-Trades Building Center in Bonham, TX.

Its’ design, off-site fabrication, and installation processes accelerates the time to complete framing at the jobsite, reduces overall project risk, and yields a stronger, more durable, “As designed/As Built” structure that is erected much more efficiently and cost effectively.

Besides being obsessed with saving time and money, Symmtrex is totally committed to eco-construction. This includes maximizing use of recycled materials and minimizing landfill waste. Symmtrex processes reduce noise, congestion, and trash in the construction zone; make it a safer, healthier environment during the building phase; and help get the structure ready for occupancy faster.

Brad Dean


“I was driven by the opportunity to build with technology, to play a role in transforming the way structures are built in North Texas, and to help exurban areas meet the needs created by rapid expansion.”

David Medders


“Our process significantly decreases the number of days required to complete construction and make the building ready for occupancy. It yields an ‘As designed/As built’ structure that’s erected very cost effectively. “

Tracy Sullivan


“Our specialized team meets the client where they fall in the business eco-system. All work together developing, designing, engineering, planning, and constructing, efficiently and cost effectively.”

Sam Shaomin


“We bring specialized expertise, share knowledge, and work closely with the design and construction teams to engineer a strong, durable structure with all subsystems integrated into one fully functioning system.”

Memosh Elefandi


“Our 3D modelling software generates an exact digital replica of the fully engineered building. It produces a predictable and uniform layout that goes together precisely and yields a better engineered structure.”


Daniel Medders


“The work done in our building center is an integral part of a fresh approach to commercial and residential design and construction that enables project owners to achieve superior quality while completing work faster.”