The Symmtrex Business Ecosystem

In the Symmtrex ecosystem, a network of multi-disciplinary professionals join together developing, designing, engineering, planning, and constructing, commercial and residential structures efficiently and cost effectively. The rewards are substantive across the value chain.


Symmtrex is primarily a fabricator of light steel framing components, but within our business ecosystem, we also serve as a collaborator, educator, and facilitator. We bring specialized expertise and share knowledge with the design, engineering, and construction teams. We also provide access to technology that supports all phases of commercial and residential construction projects.


The Symmtrex technology and process shortens the design and development phase which gives project owners earlier access to hard pricing. The BIM 3D software model generates an exact replica of how the building will exist in the built environment. It gives developers more visibility into the project, greater confidence in the timelines, increased pricing assurance, and more financial control with fewer unsettling surprises. The number of days required to complete construction and make the structure ready for occupancy are decreased significantly which reduces overall project risk and positively impacts debt financing, insurance, and other financial considerations.


The Symmtrex BIM 3D software opens the door to fresh thinking, creativity, and increased possibilities. Architects enjoy new design opportunities with abundant options in configurations of structural components. Walls are treated as objects which can contain a fully integrated wall system. Symmtrex collaborates closely with architects to precisely manufacture the structural framework that brings strength and viability to the execution of the design they imagine. The BIM tool optimizes the architect’s design, and all team members get a consistent and comprehensive view of the project. All processes flow more smoothly, and the architect invests more time developing signature elements and less time addressing and resolving issues in the field.


The Symmtrex BIM 3D modeling software precisely aligns structural and architectural design and generates an exact digital replica of the fully engineered building. This helps produce a predictable and uniform layout that goes together precisely and yields a better engineered structure. Vertical and lateral forces are supported and transferred from walls, floor, ceiling, and roof to a redundant dense post system. Hot-formed structural steel is eliminated making the structure lighter and more efficient. Stairwells and elevator cores are formed by the system without a secondary structure. All systems are fully integrated to bring each of the subsystems into one fully functioning system. The structure is more energy efficient and delivers cleaner indoor air. Architects and engineers work together designing the structure and its components in 3D, annotate the model with 2D drafting elements, and continuously access information from the building models database.

General Contractors

The General Contractor gets engaged with the design team early on in producing a constructible model. The GC’s role and input in the preconstruction phase are critical in producing the highly detailed plans that save time and drive down the overall project cost. The Symmtrex BIM 3D modeling software generates precise materials requirements, extremely reliable cost and scheduling estimates, thorough manufacturing files, in-depth logistics information, and easy-to-follow installation plans. The GC’s team sees exactly how the building is going to come together piece by piece and day by day. The single integrated computer model enables all the professional disciplines on the project team to have a continuous, consistent, and comprehensive 3D view of the project. BIM boxes can even be used in the field delivering live updates and providing the ability to view every part and piece of the structure onsite in real time.


Using the Symmtrex system, the work of specialized trades can be completed on the job site much faster, more precisely, with fewer workers, and greater control over labor costs. Health and safety risks are reduced. Follow-on trades have rapid access to the structure for MEP work. On the jobsite, stairs are installed at each level as the framing rises vertically. This allows MEP work to be underway on lower floors while upper floors are being added. Utility channels are precisely formed in Symmtrex panels allowing the MEP trades to work faster and to a higher standard. This MEP work can be incorporated into the manufacturing process. Panels can be customized and fitted for electricity, plumbing, and heating and cooling prior to being delivered to the construction site where the systems are simply connected. The Symmtrex BIM software establishes the precise order in which the structure is going to be built so subcontractors more clearly understand the scope of their work, know exactly when they’re needed, and for how long.

Government Officials

Symmtrex is focused on serving areas within 500-miles of its base in North Texas. Its technology, processes, and products provide a light steel framing system that can help drive the local economy and meet the needs for the well-conceived and constructed commercial and residential spaces necessary to accommodate rapid expansion. Symmtrex cooperates closely with local government officials to ensure compliance with all regulations and codes and to be a model corporate citizen. It also supplies all information and data necessary for officials to understand the ways the Symmtrex light steel framing system benefits quality of life, government services, and the tax base in the local community.

Regulators and Inspectors

Construction is one of the most highly regulated business sectors. The Construction Industry Institute’s Benchmarking Database shows projects that experience a higher than planned for regulatory burden average 14% slippage in completion vs. the timeline. Regulators are in a challenging position. They must balance the need for increased productivity with sustainability, safety, and aesthetic requirements. The Symmtrex light steel framing system is an asset to municipalities moving toward the digitization and simplification of permitting and other procedures, the standardization of building codes, and the mandatory adoption of technologies like BIM. The Symmtrex system offers rigid compliance with fire, sound, and other building codes while having a positive impact on the safety and longevity of structures, sanitation and health, and short and long-term environmental considerations.


Commercial construction loans are generally associated with higher levels of risk. These risks arise primarily around miscalculations of expenses and timing, and the ability to complete the structure as designed. The BIM technology brought to the project by Symmtrex delivers functionality that increases the potential for well-built structures to be completed on time and on budget. This technology, plus the structural materials and processes associated with Symmtrex projects, can give lenders increased confidence. The BIM 3D model allows all parties to view the structure in a much higher level of detail. The thorough schedules of costs and specific timelines provide increased transparency. This is especially beneficial in the lender’s review of the construction plans during consideration of the loan application. The durability of the Symmtrex light steel structural system, its overall strength and longevity, plus its increased insurability related to its resistance to fire, wind, earthquake, termites, and vermin, can also contribute to increased lender confidence.